PT8256 Laguna Max Flo 16500 Waterfall And Filter Pump

PT8256 Laguna Max Flo 16500 Waterfall And Filter Pump

The Laguna Max-Flo 16500 Waterfall & Filter Pump has a uniquely-shaped casing with built in Anti-leaf ribs to prevent blockages and reduce maintenance. The pump also has an upper and lower 2 level suction capability which allows the passage of solids sized up to 8mm. This allows the pump to process water loaded with moderate amounts of solid particles and transport these suspended solids to suitable external filter systems such as the Laguna Pressure Flo range of pressurised pond filters. These filters can then trap any debris that could potentially pollute the pond water, effectively filtering the pond.

Made in Italy the Max Flo range of pumps are unequalled in the pond industry for their ability to generate an astounding amount of water flow reliably, continuously, efficiently and with a replica watches very low energy usage. This is great news for people who are wary of costly electricity bills. In fact, switching to a Laguna pump will often pay for itself in one season.

The Max Flo pump has an ergonomic handle for easy handling and transportation and comes complete with a Universal Click Fit Hosetail to allow easy connection to a variety of hose sizes.

Laguna Max-Flo 16500 pump Tech Specs:
Max Flow:
15910 lph
Max Flow at 1m head: 15300 lph
Max Solids: 10 mm
Running Costs: 160 watts
Hose Size: 40mm
Guarantee: 3 Years

Other models available:
- Laguna Max-Flo 2200 pump (PT8232)
- Laguna Max-Flo 4000 pump (PT8236)
- Laguna Max-Flo 5000 pump (PT8240)
- Laguna Max-Flo 7600 pump (PT8244)
- Laguna Max-Flo 9000 pump (PT8248)
- Laguna Max-Flo 11000 pump (PT8252)

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